The Most Famous Women In The Fashion World

2017-04-13 TheWoman 0

For an industry that mostly focuses on women’s clothes, it is surprising that the top echelons are in many ways men. That being said there is an abundance of women in the fashion industry, whose achievements are nothing short of […]


How to Find Your Personal Style

2017-01-04 Evelyn 0

Have you ever pondered how a number of people just seem to nail their design to a tee and look amazing no matter what they are wearing, regardless of brand? Have you ever pondered how they make it look so […]


Fashion Trends 2017

2016-12-01 Evelyn 0

Fashion is a pendulum that moves from one side to the other, it appears. Although designers are regularly coming up with innovative ways to distinguish, it seems like everything old will eventually be new again. But knowing the newest fashion […]

10 Interesting Facts about Fashion

2016-11-05 Evelyn 0

The world of fashion design, by its sheer glamor and grace, has always been exciting and fascinating. When we discuss of fashion design, it implies a kind of art that incorporates the nuances of creating accessories and clothes. The history […]