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10 Best Fitness Activities for Lazy Women

Most of us are aware that being active is good for our health; however, despite all the information about the important advantages we can acquire from exercising, some of us still feel that it is easier said than done. Other reasons are that some of us are too lazy to engage in this exercising, lack of time and lack of motivation. It is agreeable that in today’s time, it’s quite difficult to find a chance to integrate exercise into our schedule especially with the presence of cars, gadgets, electronics and computers. However, we should also give importance to our wellness. Determination and discipline are what we need to stay fit and healthy. Here are the top 10 best fitness activities for lazy women:

1. Windshield Wipers Exercise

The windshield wipers exercise is designed to activate the main stabilizing muscle, specifically the oblique and the rectus abdominal muscle. The exercise also causes muscle activation of the gluteal muscle to help stabilize the hip. This muscle exercise is beneficial for those with low back pain as the main activation component helps stabilize the backbone.

2. Inner Thighs Exercise

A good way to exercise the inside of your thighs is to lie on your back with your legs upright in the air so that your hips are bent at roughly 90 degrees. It is okay if you need to bend your knees a bit. Allow your legs to gradually fall to the sides so that they make a “V” shape in the air. Pause when you feel a slight stretch in your inner thighs; this should occur when your thighs form roughly a 60 to 90-degree angle, depending on your flexibility. After a brief pause, squeeze your thighs together to bring your legs back to midline. Stop and do it again. Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions. If your back hurts while doing this exercise, try doing a posterior pelvic tilt at the same time. If your pain continues, try using your hands to support your buttocks. If pain continues despite these modifications, stop the exercise.

3. Cardio Interval Exercise

A Cardio workout is usually done at a slow pace. This method of cardio is working for many lazy women and it is helpful because it is an overall body exercise that works much better than trying to focus on a specific area that you want to change. What interval cardio coaching does is to offer you a way to do the same amount of work that you might do in a frequent exercise in a much shorter time. The way this works is instead of going at a slow pace you enhances the intensity of your exercise so that you get more benefit in a shorter time. You can change the types of coaching you do each time you want since there is no magic formula for how it works.
While some women may be squeamish about this at first, they see quick results when they apply the principles. The good thing regarding this kind of training is you don’t have to worry about changing what you are already doing because it works together with any cardio activity. For example, let’s say you run as part of your regular fitness mundane.

If so, you could do a brisk walk of 4-5 minutes and then go into a light jog or, if your fitness level isn’t where it needs to be yet, you could walk faster. If you use a routine, you could add sprints to a daily run instead of only running. Any of these methods would work to move you towards fast fat reduction.

The point is that when you are using interval cardio training you can tweak it the way you want. There are many plans on the Internet that you can use that are geared to have you lose the fat within 8 weeks or less. Once you have done this quite a lot of times you will know when it is time to enhance the levels. Most women will see that this is the fastest way to lose bodyweight especially when they are trying to fit into a special dress or prepare for a wedding. This can be the way for making that rapid fat reduction. Cardio works all of our body instead of just focusing on the abs like you would if you only did crunches. Also, women would rather do a full exercise than to concentrate on crunches because they don’t want to necessarily enhance their abs. There are a lot of advantages to this kind of training. You can burn up belly fat quickly because you take less time to burn up more calories, it enhances your cardio endurance, it improves the flexibility of your arteries and it reduces boredom in your regular cardio routines.

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4. Side Plank Exercise

To perform the side plank workout, follow these instructions:

• Lie on one side with and legs feet stacked on top of each other and forearm on ground.
• Movement
• Draw abs in, active glutes and brace.
• Lift hips and legs off the ground until your body make a straight line from head to toe, resting on forearm and feet.
• Hold for one to two a few seconds.
• Slowly lower your body to the ground
• Switch sides and do it again as instructed.

5. Neck Extension Exercise

Neck extension exercise is done in the standing position and with the movement of bringing the chin to the ceiling and eyes to the sky. This workout can be made more challenging by performing while lying on your stomach and using gravity as resistance. To make the workout more challenging tries performing the movement against some type of resistance.

6. Knee Extension Exercise

A knee expansion is a resistance training workout in which a load is placed on the shin and from a seated position; you contract your quadriceps muscle to extend the lower leg until the whole leg is sticking directly out. To perform a joint extension sit down in a machine or strap a weight to the ankle and sit down in a chair with your knee bent at roughly no degrees. Keep your backbone and head in neutral alignment, contract thigh muscle until your leg is completely straight, and then gradually relax your thigh to bring your leg back to the original position.

7. Chest Stretch Exercise

There are several effectual exercises to stretch the chest. One particularly effectual chest stretch is the wall stretch. Stand next to a wall or piece of items with your arm bent at a 90 degree holding to the edge of the wall. With your arm bent at 90 degrees hold on to the wall and take a few steps forward until you feel a stretch in the chest, hold for 30 seconds and do it again on the other side.

8. Hip Swings Front to Back

Stand next to a wall with one arm stretched out and your feet placed shoulder width apart. Balance on one leg and swing the other leg from front to back without moving your pelvis. As your leg goes backward, press your heel toward your glut, stretching the front of your thigh. As your leg moves forward, keep your knee as straight as you can, providing a stretch for the back of your thigh. Repeat the workout on the opposite leg.

9. Leg Kick Exercise

To do the leg kick workout, kneel on all fours with hands flat on the floor, in a table-like position. If you have sore knees and cannot kneel on the hard floor, fold up a towel and place it evenly beneath both knees. Keeping your back flat and your core engaged, extend your right leg straight back until it is parallel to the floor and squeeze your gluteus (butt) muscle. Hold for some seconds and return to the starting position. Do it again using the left leg. Start with ten kicks on each leg, rest for 20 seconds and do it again.

10. Seated Leg Lift Exercise

The seated leg lift focuses on the lower abdominals. This is a better option than the hanging leg raise if your upper body tends to fatigue before you’ve worked your abdominals thoroughly. This workout is performed sitting on the edge of a flat bench. Place your hands behind you and hold the bench. Your back should be at a 35-degree angle with your feet in front. Raise your legs off the end of the bench. Bend the legs at the knee and bring them up toward your chest, then lower them gradually, tightening your lower waist.