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How to Care For the Face and Eye Skin Properly

The skin is the main organ of the whole body and yet most of us don’t do enough to maintain our skin’s health. Most of us spend millions on body products every month, but are you buying the right ones? How much do you really know what your skin needs, what kind of skin you have, what kind of soaps and lotions are the best for your skin?

During our teens and early 20s, we sometimes aren’t able to keep in mind to take good care of our skin effectively. We do not think about the results of poor hygiene and inadequate healthy skin care can do as we reach our 30’s, until we get old. In our late 20s or early 30’s, a person will suddenly begin to see signs of skin aging such as wrinkles appearing and fine lines. You can also realize how we experience dry skin and loss of skin elasticity. This is a sign of getting older and can quickly become out of control. However, we can do many things to delay and reduce the effects of aging.

Skin aging can occur in two ways. The first type is the natural way that your skin normally ages due to the changes that occur in our cells. Skin aging can be early or late depending on our hereditary makeup. Aging the natural way is inevitable but the results can certainly be minimized. An excellent skin care routine with a confirmed healthy skin care range such as Restylane products will help in decelerating down aging. Aging can also be caused by external factors such as the pollution, sun exposure, weather, the products that we use on the skin and the atmosphere that we live in daily. It’s the best thing that these factors can be evaded. We need to Become more and more conscious of the things around us and how these factors can make us age prematurely. Our health can also affect the condition of our skin. If we are sick or have certain illnesses, skin can become dull and dry.

As you observe how your skin becomes drier as we get older you might recognize that this is because our hormonal levels drop and our skin sebaceous glands slow down the production of oil for our skin. This makes our skin retain less wetness from the atmosphere. The skin is also incapable to avoid natural wetness from evaporating.

An excellent, clinically proven healthy skin care regimen is one of the best solutions to reduce the impact of getting older on your skin. There is a suitable healthy skin take care of your skin type. Avoid following your old healthy skin care regimen when you are still young because this might not be effective for your middle age skin. For those who can afford it, Restylane offers a wide range of products for a high-quality healthy skin care.

You have probably begun to notice how your skin around the eye is usually the first area where face wrinkles appear. It is therefore extremely essential to use such a superior moisturizer to protect your skin around the eyes. You will feel happier as you see the difference yourself as you choose to use the best moisturizer for your skin twice a day. You can use the best face moisturizer for the head and the best dry skin cream on your whole body. Protecting your skin from the sun’s exposure is also vital. Put on a high-protection sunscreen when going outside. And keep in mind to avoid unnecessary sun exposure as much as possible.

Skin Types and Its Care

Beautiful skin implies to loads of compliments which also implies to heads turning around. Every single person has his / her own type of skin. It depends on hereditary, ecological and genetic factors. Diet also plays an important role in the skin. Occupation affects the type of skin too. For instance, a reporter who stays outside most of the time needs to deal with the tough sun and hence would require more of sunscreen based moisturizer and an excellent cleaner.

Similarly, a person sitting in an air-conditioned office may develop dry skin as cool air causes reduction of wetness from your skin, therefore, making it limited and expanded. In this case, an excellent creamy moisturizer and a cool cream in the evening is a must to maintain the radiance.

Skin Types

It is essential to find your own type of skin so that you can choose the right products to be used on your skin. There are four categories of skin: Dry skin, Oily skin, Normal skin, mixture skin (dry and oily) and T-Zone.

  • Dry Skin: This skin type seems limited and expanded after a wash. It is flaky and develops wrinkles and lines at an initial phase. Dry skin has fewer amounts of wetness and oils.

Skin Care Recommended: It requires an excellent moisturizer during the day and every evening cream as well. Evening cream is very significant as your skin is tranquil and revitalizes faster than in day time.

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  • Oily Skin: This type of skin is greasy and prone to pimples, blackheads, and white-colored heads as it gathers dry dirt from the surrounding atmosphere. Sweat glands secrete more oils than required hence making your skin greasy. This skin looks younger when you get old as it keeps the wetness which otherwise gets depleted with age.

Skin Care Recommended: Oily skin needs thorough washing very regularly to get rid of the dirt, which sticks to the greasy surface. Use a gentle foam face wash that removes excess dirt. Next step is to use an astringent and then a very light moisturizer. In the evening clean the face again with an astringent followed by a minimum quantity of light moisturizer.

  • Normal Skin: This type of skin is sleek in texture, elastic and lithe with a healthy proportion of oil and water. This type of skin is luminous and glows! It has tiny skin pores. Normal skin requires proper care to maintain its velvety touch and shine.

Skin Care Recommended: Use a face scrub, which will eliminate any dead cells developed, then use a light face clean to take care of the oil and water balance. A skin toner should be used followed by a light moisturizer, which includes UVA/UVB sunscreen and antioxidant protection.

  • Mixture for Dry and Oily Type of Skin with a T-Zone: As the name suggests this type of skin is a mixture of dry spots and greasy spots. Forehead, chin, and nose are greasy whereas the rest of the area seems dry. Oily spots develop blackheads, white-colored heads, and spots.

Skin Care Recommended: Use a powerful astringent on greasy spots. Use a light moisturizer concentrating more on dry spots. In the evening apply moisturizer on dry spots.

  • Sensitive Skin: Delicate skin seems scratchy, irritable, and itchy and forms redness when exposed to severe ecological conditions like heat range above 28 degree Celsius or heat range below 10degree Celsius.

Skin Care Recommended: Avoid using cleansers or face wash. Stay away from powerful chemicals as they might cause discomfort. Wash the face with lots water. Use a light, unperfumed moisturizer, a sunscreen cream and an excellent cool cream in the evening.

The face’s skin is said to be the most delicate and sensitive skin of the whole body. With this, it really needs excellent healthy skin care routine. Regular healthy skin-care will help you look your best to avoid upsetting lines, blemishes or wrinkles. Additionally, you also need to have your own healthy skin care procedure that you’ll follow daily if you want to maintain young-looking skin. You can also find various face healthy skin maintenance products for all types of skin in the market today.

First, especially for women, it is always necessary to get rid of your cosmetics at the end of the day through the use of cleansers, lotions, creams, moisturizers or natural products that are intended for cosmetics removal. With this, you will be able to take away all traces of the cosmetics to avoid skin discomfort or harshness. Also, if you’ll brush your teeth and cleanse the face at the same time, do the previous first because toothpaste can be very irritating to your skin around the mouth.

Then, clean the face with warm water and smooth a little bit of light, the organic remedy to get rid of any dirt or pollution build-up on the face and skin from the day. After, rinse the soap from the face with warm water, and dry your skin with a clean, smooth towel. Keep in mind, the face and skin must not feel overly dry or limited after using a cleanser. Also, be certain that the products and treatments you use are particularly pH healthy balanced for healthy skin care of the face.

Apply a skin toner to a pure cotton tissue, not to a pure cotton ball, to sleek your sleek and close your skin pores. Using a tissue is advisable because it is less porous, therefore, you will end up having less skin toner on the face. Gently sleek the body over the face and just let the skin toner to dry. But, you must not use skin toning products containing alcohol and acetone as their drying products because they can lead to discomfort and damages to the face and skin. And, always apply skin toner on freshly cleansed skin.

Lastly, you can also try other healthy skin maintenance products such as oils, cleansers, lotions, creams, moisturizers, washing or natural products in order for you to carefully choose the perfect product for you that will provide you with a smooth skin. Having only one choice of healthy skin maintenance products will stop your skin from any glitches. Likewise, prevent caffeinated beverages because they dehydrate your whole body and rob wetness from your skin. Instead, drink a lot of purified water all throughout the day because it helps to plump your skin with wetness and it also increases circulation.