How to Find Your Personal Style

Have you ever pondered how a number of people just seem to nail their design to a tee and look amazing no matter what they are wearing, regardless of brand? Have you ever pondered how they make it look so easy while you find it hard to get a look and you end up buying many of the same things over and over again?

Discovering your own style can be a difficult way to travel. Along the way, you will deal with terrible hairstyles, distressing pants, and terrible jewelry. These all add up to a set of images that people could use to embarrass you to loss of life. Though, learning from these mistakes can help you look for the style and elegance you like the most. Each one of us has our own exclusive style. Our outfits can sometimes indicate our personality. This is the reason why most of us love experimenting with different items.

retro fashionPersonal styles should, ideally, be designed as an assortment of two categories. The first category is for styles along with you felt enthusiastic about. The second category is for styles along with that actually look outstanding on you. No matter how cutting-edge your outfits’ choice may be, if it looks unpleasant on you, then it’s automatically a way synthetic pas.

In other terms, no one should ever carelessly follow to a hot trend. Designs are short-lived, and you’re likely to remember again on them and have a good laugh at how you looked. Sure, everyone desired huge afros and bell-bottoms in the 1970’s, but how many of those people now remember again on their set of clothes and grimace? Some people looked outstanding in 1970’s outfits, but they looked outstanding because the types and colors of those outfits fit them, not because it was a trendy style they just “went” with.

Body Type

To make your own style, you must first identify your body type. Understanding if you are apple, pear, hourglass or toothpick-shaped can help you look for the best outfits for you. Obviously, toothpicks should steer clear of tight, form-fitting outfits, whereas pears should never use big balloon pants. Here are the common body type profiles:

  • Pear shapes are larger at the bottom than on the top. Pear shapes look best with a suitable and developed top printed out with a loose bottom. This helps show your little stomach and draws attention way up while lowering the curve of the waistline. Be cautious to show too much narrow shoulder, however, and try large sleeves to give the sense of size. Use boat or portrait necklines to help balance small shoulder area with the wide waistline, as well as to attract the eye inward.
  • An apple-shaped body is larger on top than at the bottom, and apples usually have outstanding legs. Reasonable outfits can highlight a heavy stomach, so the apple shapes look best with a little bit loose top and tailored bottom. Your shades should go with the common dark top and bright bottom method. Avoid short skirts, since they will just highlight your chest area. Use suitable pants or skirts of different length, and use longer shirts
  • Hourglass figures have large chests and waistline put together with a small stomach. You are the envy of most women since you can generally use whatever you want and still look outstanding. As Marilyn Monroe showed in a now-famous picture, this even contains wearing a spud bag. Enough said.
  • curve beautiful bodyFull-Figured. Full-figured bodies usually to be curvier and a little bit larger in size. The size difference often makes full-figured women distressing, and many decide to put on baggy outfits to cover up their shapes. This is a big mistake since it generally covers your attractive curves and adds to weight to the way you look. Try a little bit fitted outfits and play up your outstanding factors, such as a good bust. The common idea for figures is to slim down the big parts and increase the small parts. For parts you want to move the focus away from, use dark shades and flowing lines. For parts, you want to highlight, use bright shades, tailored lines, and fun styles.
  • slim modelToothpick. Toothpick-shaped bodies usually have very few curves. However, a toothpick can also relate to someone who has a rectangle-shaped body, no matter the figures on the range. Either way, you need to make some curve and shapes over your directly determine and use your outfits to give the look of a waist. Show off your slim body while hiding your lack of curves. A couple of a little bit baggy pants with a fitted waist and outfits with large sleeves will help a toothpick look more like an hourglass.
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Stick with shades and style that look outstanding on you also. If green makes you look flu-ish, then generally stay away from green outfits, no matter how much you like green. If stripes bring out too many angles, but florals make you get noticed, the choice is easy. Always improve your natural beauty, never eliminate it.

Style Type

Do you like to be protected in flowing ties, or do you stay sleek with dark leather? Materials, styles, outfits and accessories you choose are what determine your style kind. There’s no line between these groups, and having individual style means you can choose a bit from each one.

Style effects can come from particular cultures, times periods and designers, or just from wonderful celebrities. Maybe you liked bangle bracelets when you were a little girl, and you now wear them as a mature lady to make you smile. Perhaps you’re self-conscious about your short neck, and you always wear V-necks to balance your figure. Whatever the effect, you show it in every style choice.

Marilyn MansonGo Goth, punk rock or preppy, but don’t let the labels rule you. If you want a Goth look, but feel sensitive about your heavy neck, stay away from the spiked choker for a head in a long series. If you like the 1970s feel but you recognize a pear-shaped figure should never wear tight bell-bottoms, then wear a flowing skirt with a fitted and padded peasant clothing.

If you felt much more comfortable in jeans than in mini-skirts, don’t try to force yourself or let others stress you to put on minis, especially if you know you don’t have the legs for it. Sure, it’s fun to shake things up once in a while, but there’s no law against having a set of clothes loaded with denim.

Fashion isn’t all about following the guidelines by the book. It’s all about enabling yourself loose and shows your own style. Remember that there is a skinny line of uncomfortable and fashionable. Try to achieve different types and you will ultimately discover one that is specifically yours.

Forcing yourself to put on something you don’t like and don’t feel safe in always effects the way you look. Your pain demonstrates in how you hold yourself. Your move, your talk, and your entire existence will be far less highly effective than if you used the best outfits.