Plastic Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure to modify the shape and size of a woman’s breasts. Whether it is decreasing the size of breasts that are too big, reconstructing breasts after surgery, or augmenting the size of the breasts, breasts enlargement surgery provides women with the body contour they are looking for.

Breast augmentation has become popular and much talked about over the past few years. Breasts surgery can improve breasts size, build breasts, balance breasts size, improve and reconstruct breasts and can decrease the size of the breasts. People can have breasts surgery but usually, breasts augmentation operations are used to improve breasts size.

Who Should Have Breasts Augmentation?

Mammoplasty or breasts augmentation surgery is for anyone who is self-conscience about their breasts for some purpose. Being self-conscience is sufficient to cause to seek an appointment with the doctor. Breasts augmentation candidates must be 18 years of age or older and must be in good physical health.

girlAdditionally, there are some other concerns to consider before having breasts augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation could interfere with breastfeeding if this is something that a woman plans to do in the future. Breast augmentation is also not a technique that lasts a lifetime. There could be the need for sensitivity.

Similarly, having enhanced self-confidence from having breasts augmentation surgery sometimes outweighs all the risks. Just knowing that you look better in your outfits, that you can buy the designs that you want, that your body is in proportion and that you feel great about yourself is enough to progress with a breasts augmentation method.

The decision to acquire any optional surgery can be a hard one to make. There are many factors to weigh in determining if plastic surgery fits into your lifestyle, whether it’s a face build or breasts augmentation surgery. Doctors recommend being absolutely advised of the risks of any procedure before going under the knife. This is mostly true for those considering augmentation, one of the most well-known options among women wishing to enhance the look of them and improve their esteem.

For plastic physicians, breasts augmentation surgery are one of the most frequently performed techniques. Women go for breasts augmentation for several factors, including:

  • To improve self-image
  • To improve breasts size
  • To level out a breast which is noticeably smaller compared to the other
  • To help clothes fit better
  • To feel more buoyant
  • To reconstruct a breasts after a mastectomy

There are good reasons and bad reasons to attain a breasts augmentation surgery. For instance, sometimes girls younger than 18 are passionate about augmentation. Plastic surgeons regularly suggest waiting until a woman’s breasts are completely developed before performing any kind of surgery on them, which means waiting until after they are adults. Furthermore, there are some things breast augmentation surgery won’t do:

  • A breasts augmentation is not a quick fix for all your issues. You should realize that changing your body will not necessarily change your mind. Besides speaking with a plastic surgeon, you may consider speaking with a therapist if you have significant body image issues.
  • Breasts augmentation won’t fix very dull breasts. A breasts building is recommended for dull breasts and can be done simultaneously as breasts augmentation. Plastic surgeons will help you decide if a breasts enhancement is needed.

For women living in some regions of the world or in certain occupations, augmentation may nearly appear like a necessity, after all, everybody’s doing it! Though, opting for plastic surgery just because everyone else is not always the best idea. Before you make a decision to get a breast augmentation, plastic surgeons will guide you through the procedure and associated risks to help you make an informed decision. If you are normally happy with your appearance but are interested in a few changes, breasts augmentation is likely a good place to start.

It’s important to be in good health before receiving a breasts augmentation. This shows you should rather be at a healthy weight and shouldn’t smoke cigarettes. Your plastic surgeon will let you know if you should lose weight before the procedure and will encourage you to quit smoking if you do. Beginning with healthy body translates to a faster and easier recovery.

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For saline implants, the saline is filled after it is placed in the breast so the incision is minor. Saline does not feel or move as natural as silicone, and then if there is a leakage, the saline is safely absorbed by our body. Another of advantage saline is that the size may be adjusted after the implants are in place. Saline can simply be added or taken out to achieve the desired size at any time. Since silicone implants are filled before implanting changing the size is not an option except they are detached. Saline implants are inexpensive than silicone implants.

The Technique

beautiful breastBefore the technique, you will have an in-depth consultation with your plastic surgeon. You will discuss the type of implant, what you want the outcome (size and shape) to be and what the procedure will be like. Usually, there are three places the surgeon may choose to make the incision in which they will insert the implant. The incision could be at the bottom of the breasts, the bottom of the areola or the armpit.

Recovery time is usually one week. After one week, you should be back to normal activities. There will be some discomfort after the procedure and minimal scarring that will continue to fade eventually.

Risk Factors

Despite the increased guarantee that it provides, having saline or silicone implants has its risks and side effects:

Breastfeeding women with saline or silicone implants may breastfeed but that is not always the case. The placement of implants may sometimes disturb the milk ducts-this is often the case if the implants are cut in the areola.

Mammography Breasts Augmentation makes it hard to read breasts cancer screening and mammogram. A mammogram is the best way to detect breasts cancer and having implants makes it difficult for a technician to detect certain cancers.

Loss of Sensation breasts augmentation with implants may affect sensation in breasts area. Some lose sensation in the nipples because of damaged nerve endings.

Leaking Saline implants often leaks. If ruptured inside the breasts, the saline seeps through tissues that may cause scarring, bruising, and blotting on the skin. Nearby complications such as hardening of the breasts may also occur.

Benefits of Plastic Breast Augmentation Surgery

Patients who are happy with their decision to have breast augmentation Beverly Hills are those women who do their research, ask a lot of questions, choose a doctor with a good track record, and who have realistic expectations. Women who’ve had successful breasts augmentation report higher self-esteem, better fitting clothes, and even better sex lives due to personal confidence. Your plastic surgeon can’t work miracles. But he or she can help you to make use of current technologies and enhance the body you already have. It’s pretty amazing to live in a period when technology allows women to combat the effects of childbirth, age, and surgery with relatively safe and simple methods. For those women understand the benefits and risks of breasts augmentation, it can be lifestyle changing.

Choosing Qualified Plastic Surgeon

Whatever procedure, may it be invasive or non-invasive, one may go through, choosing a board-qualified plastic surgeon is essential. Consulting a family doctor before going for a surgery is also important. Plastic surgery has its risks and going through it for beauty is often inevitable. Breasts augmentation has its benefits too but one must always be wary and make wise decisions.