Story line of Several Couples that has a happy Ending


The greatest joy and successes in life come from a cheerful marriage where two equal partners really love each other in thought and action, unselfishly put their partner’s concerns over their own, and remains dedicated regardless of challenges and trials that life inevitably throws at us all. Unluckily, our society writes songs, makes films, and ingrains into our thoughts that when a couple fall madly in love and get married, it will, of course, be happily ever after. And yet, the divorce courts are overflowing because happily ever after is not achieved because both partners don’t succeed to put forth the necessary effort and work, the change and patience, and the love and dedication to make a successful marriage work.

Reasonably, no person or marriage is ideal, and some marriages don’t succeed and must end for obvious and necessary reasons; however, the overwhelming majority of marriages (and families for that reason) could be saved if a couple put forth more effort to implement these few foundational principles that are involved in the experiences of several couples listed below  :


1. A waitress named Caroline hardly realizes a shy busboy named Adam who secretly loves her; until one evening she was attacked and he comes to save her. From there a relationship sparks but one secret could mean catastrophe for these fated lovers.

Caroline has not had much fortune in love. Men seem to either leave her or deceive her. Then she meets a shy, introverted man at work known as Adam. When leaving work one day, two men attack her. Adam comes to save her. Unluckily, retaliation by the attackers sends Adam to a hospital where he discovers he has an infected heart. Adam is an orphan and was told he had a baboon’s heart. He refuses a transplant, as he believes his love for Caroline is contained in his damaged heart. Before catastrophe can strike, they have a passionate but brief romance. Adam reveals up to Caroline and he, in turn, heals her broken heart.

2. The story of two Northern Carolina teens. In Beaufort, Northern Carolina, a prank on a student goes really wrong and puts the student in the hospital. Landon Jackson, a well-known student with no defined plans for the future, is held responsible and forced to take part in after-school community service activities as punishment, which include starring as the lead in the school play. Also participating is these activities is Jamie Sullivan, the reverend’s little girl who has excellent desires and nothing in common with Landon. When Landon decides he wants to take his activities very serious, he asks Jamie for help and starts to spend most of his time with her. But he begins to develop strong emotions for her, something he did not expect to do. The two begin a relationship, much to the chagrin of Landon’s old well-known friends and Jamie’s strict reverend dad. But when a heart-breaking secret becomes known that puts their relationship to the test, it is then that Landon and Jamie realize the real purpose of love and fate.

3. Leo and Paige is a couple who just married. After a motor vehicle incident, Paige remains unconscious, and when she awakes she does not remember Leo. Her mom and dad, whom she has not seen since she and Leo got together, come and visit her. She can’t believe that she has not seen them for so very long time. Leo wants to bring her home with him but her mom and dad want her to go with them. She goes with Leo but when she does not recognize anything, she goes to her mom and dad. And she wonders why she cut off contact with her close relatives. She also runs into her ex and wonders why they broke up. Leo tries to win her back by courting her again.

4. This is a story line of Dexter and Emma, after spending the evening together on the night of their college graduation, Dexter and Emma are shown each year on the same date to see where they are in their lives. They are sometimes together, sometimes not, on that day. Emma is smart but success does not come quickly for her, whereas for Dexter, success and women come very effortlessly. Through the years they grow apart as their lives take unrelated directions and they meet other individuals. But as they grow apart from those other individuals and their lives begin taking opposite direction again, Emma and Dexter discover that they belong to each other.

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5. Maggie’s and Sam’s former partners are in love; she wants revenge and he wants his gone astray love back, so they work together to break up the cheerful couple. Good-natured astronomer Sam is devastated when the love of his life, Betty, leaves him for a suave Frenchman known as Anton. He, therefore, does what every other normal people would do; go to New York are set up home in the abandoned building opposite his ex-girlfriend’s apartment, intent on winning her back and patiently waiting until she chooses to go away her current lover. What Sam does not count on is being joined several weeks later by super hip tomboy Maggie, a photographer and motorcyclist who is determined to get vengeance on Anton, her ex-fiancé. Hostile at first, the two of them eventually join forces in an attempt to split up the couple, and damage Anton’s life. However, complications ensue when Sam and Maggie begin falling for each other.

6. Melanie Carmichael, an up and rising fashion designer in New York are, has gotten almost everything she expected since she was little. She has a great career and the JFK-like fiancée of New York City. But when he proposes to her, she does not forget about her close relatives back down South. Even more important, her spouse back there, who refuses to divorce her ever since she sent divorce documents seven years ago. To set issues straight, she chooses to go to the south quick and make him sign the documents. When things don’t turn out the way she planned them, she realizes that what she had before in the south was far more ideal than the life she had in New York City.

7. Adrienne Willis, a woman with her life in chaos, retreats to the small coastal town of Alabama, in the outer financial institutions of North Carolina, to tend to a friend’s inn for the weekend. Here she desires to discover the tranquility she so desperately needs to reconsider the disputes around her.  A wayward husband who has asked to come home and a teen-aged little girl who resents her every decision. Almost as soon as Adrienne gets to Alabama, a major storm is forecast and a visitor known as Dr. John Flanner arrive. The only visitor at the inn, Flanner is not on a weekend escape but rather is there to face his own problems of conscience. Now, with the surprise closing in, the two turn to each other for comfort and, in one wonderful weekend, set in motion a life-changing romance that will resonate throughout the rest of their lives

8. This is a story about a young married US military soldier, known as John, who returned home after the World War II. In the middle of the way back home, he accidentally met a girl known as Victoria who completed her master’s degree. She has not get married yet but got pregnant by accident. During the journey, they discussed a lot. Due to her pregnancy, Victoria was scared of her dad who respected old Mexican tradition. Thus, John proposed to pose as her husband to help her face her dad. John was not intended to cheat on his wife by pretending to be Victoria’s husband. However, when John made the decision to come back to his home and left Victoria, he found his wife cheating on him. John then headed back to Victoria’s house “Las Nubes” and confessed his true love to Victoria.