Trending Makeup for Modern Women

Women really like improving the most beautiful facial feature of their face; the eye. Eye makeup can transform the whole overall look of women. Makeup artist and professional have designed various eye makeup look for all occasion. Some of these are; Natural, cat eye, gradient, and graphic, colorful, cut crease, double winged eyeliner, lilah B, glossier, onomie, treStiQue, RMS beauty, stowaway, MILK and Smokey makeup.

Makeup has become really essential in today’s time, that for women stepping out of the house without it is a complete No! Likewise, it has now become a must for taking selfies. Women feel that without it there is no ideal selfie or act out the greatest pout look, as a dab of lip color can make already beautiful women look even more fantastic. Sometimes images can give you a better idea about the before and after effect. But there are times when makeup could make you look all the more disgusting if you don’t use it in the right way. So it is necessary to keep yourself updated with the most recent trends going on in cosmetics and fashion.

Constantly on the go with hardly enough time to sit down and get yourself glammed up before rushing to your next appointment? Great, you’re exhausted already. If this is your life, in a nutshell, you’re going to want to take a look at the best makeup products for the modern woman. These makeup products are meant to get you out the door and looking your best in a shorter time than a Keurig takes to brew a cup of coffee. For most modern women, it is extremely essential they use makeup brands that are convenient and effective. Some beauty brands are already adapting to the needs of modern women from redesigning offers to fit into their purses to innovative, multipurpose formulas that reduce the amount of products we need to get by and others are being designed to fit the increasing demand of women who are spending more time outside and shorter time inside meticulously applying their makeup. If the makeup of times past makes you wince (especially with more recent, sleeker brands like MILK Makeup in the market), you’ll be glad to know that there are other, hotter choices for you. And because money is time and time is money, here are the best trending makeup brands made for the women on the go:




Glossier is a makeup brand that has transformed understanding of many makeup artist perceptions, helping to usher in a new movement where makeup is made for women, by women. Not for women to be used for the satisfaction and benefit of men.




Cut Crease Eye Shadow


This eye makeup is recommended for special events as it needs a professional makeup professional to accomplish this look. In this look, a contrasting color eye shade is used for making the cut at the crease and the look is finished with dramatic sharp liner. So to get this look, book beauty care services from your preferred beauty salon.




Stowaway proves that when it comes to most things, size does not matter. These small products pack a significant punch in terms of pigmentation and duration. So if you’re going on a journey soon or just need another reason to buy more makeup, check out stores.




RMS Beauty


Most modern women opt for a simple look and RMS Beauty is known for that. Their products are made with 100 % natural ingredients that work with, not against, your skin; giving you refined, much healthier skin.





Double winged eyeliner


In double winged eyeliner, two flicks are drawn from the edge of the eye, one from the bottom edge and the other from the upper edge. This look can also be worn for celebration and performance. Draw the flick parallel for a clean and neat look.

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Lilah B


For modern woman who is always on the go and is looking for a simple band that is also extremely luxurious, Lilah B. is for you. Lilah B. is designed to provide the cleanest, most all-natural, best makeup for modern women and specialize in multipurpose products such as the lip/cheek duo.



Natural Eye Makeup


Some of the women prefer to have a natural eye makeup as it looks natural. This eye makeup is ideal for daily use. In this neutral and little colors are used for making eye makeup. You can use a nude eyeshadow color like brownish and finish the look with liner and mascara. Ensure to select an eye shadow which is identical to your skin tone and select liners and mascara color according to the color of your eyelash.





trèStiQue is the newest of the collection to debut its line of small makeup which is an 8 piece set that can produce a range of looks from your everyday, natural makeup to your most sophisticated date night look.





Gradient Eye Makeup


During a wedding function or family function, women are busy and they don’t have enough chance to do their makeup at frequent durations. So for a handy look, this can be worn during the day as well at night. In this, you can use shimmer that can lighten up the eyelids. It is also known as the basic Smokey eye makeup. In this, only one color is used. The lighter shade of the color is applied in the inner crease and darker on the outer crease of the eyelid.


Cat Eye Makeup


This is one of the trending eye makeups. It is also known as winged or flick eyeliner look. There are many types of cat eye look and all of them look wonderful. It is ideal for all events be it for any special event.






Onomie was designed for women who believe beauty should be simple, not complex. The brand’s products increase the benefits of individual beauty products and should be used in combination with each other.



The Smokey Eye


Smokey eye makeup is the most popular eye makeup. Whether you are going for a day time office conference or for a night dinner, this can be worn anytime of the day. Women prefer wearing a black outfit with the Smokey eyes.





MILK Makeup


This particular product has quickly climbed the positions of most-coveted to participate in heavyweights like Tarter, Smash box, Urban Decay and other offerings we can’t get enough of. The best part about MILK Makeup, aside from its impressive formulas that use high quality, all natural ingredients, is the packaging which was made with portability in mind. This makeup product gets us thrilled about the future of beauty.


Colorful Eye Shadow makeup


Colored eye shadow look is the newest trend. This eye shadow look is quite bold therefore ensure to wear minimal jewelry and fairly neutral shade lipstick. Don’t over apply the colored eye shadow. Young girls can try this look for events. You can find various shaded eye makeup concepts in your beauty salons and shop.




Graphic Eyeliner


Graphic eye makeup look is the bold and pleasant look. This look is made with perfectly drawn eye shadow and eye liner. You can try various eye shadows, winged lines and line your creases to get flexible looks. This looks good on models that are captured for ad shoots.